Set Up Your Own Indoor Driving Range

We all know the importance of practice when it comes to mastering things. This is never as true as when it comes to golf. If you want to become better at golf there really is only one way to go; practice your game as much as possible.

The importance of practice here cannot be understated!

When you play a round of golf it is all the little things that count so much towards a better score. You can have a great drive on you. Hit it straight into the fairway followed by a perfect hit with a 6 iron placing the golf ball 30 yard from the green setting it up perfectly for a nice chip!

But the problem is that you have only focused on the long-game and you short-game suffers. Instead of taking an easy chip and a put (or two) you take six extra shots instead of one or two.

Learn How To Set Up Your Very Own Golf Training Faclity

If you want to become good at golf you have to practice all aspects of the game, not just one.

Practice takes time and effort and going daily to the driving range or the nearest golf course to practice every day is not ideal for most average that has work and family to attend to.

Not to mention the off-season where we make the promise year after year to practice and keep our end of season form going over the winter but we never do.

The solution to this is quite simple.

Set up your indoor driving range

Having your home practice facility has therefore never been more important to your game than right now. It has also never been as easy as it is today. Golf tools and equipment for setting up a professional practice facility at your home have become more affordable as the various producers compete for the most affordable and quality equipment on the market.

Our job at is to find that equipment and tell you how it performs.

1. What do you need for a indoor driving range?

  • Space

Make sure you have the required space to swing a golf club; either in your house, garage, garden, or wherever you think will be suitable for setting up the training facility. Generally speaking, to swing a golf club requires about 9 feet’s of ceiling space and about 20 feet’s hitting space or whatever distance you think is suitable for the golf ball to travel.

  • Golf clubs and golf balls

You will of course need to have your golf clubs up and ready to use with your facility

  • Golf nets

You will want to buy a great golf net to catch the ball and stop it from bouncing all around the place. There is a wide selection of golf nets available. What you are looking for is a golf net that has the quality material that matches how you are going to use it. You can read more about how to choose golf nets right here.

  • Golf- and putting Mats

Once you have set up your golf net and measured the required space you might want/need a platform to hit the golf ball from. The best way to do this is to get a golf mat with the golf net. Golf mats are nor really expensive but add an extra dimension to your home golf facility.

  • Swing Trainer

I will add this one as an extra that is not needed but might help those that are new to golf out. Golf swing trainers are a small device that you hook on your arm and golf club that keeps your hand in the right pose. This makes sure your swing is correct and is very simple to use while being very effective.

  • Golf Simulators

For those that want to take the extra distance a golf simulator can transform a simple training ground into a full blown golf simulator studio. Golf simulators come in various sizes and kinds but for a price of around 600$ you can get a golf simulator that will analyze your golf and give your accurate feedback on your game and tell you what you are doing wrong or right.