You can almost always get some great deals on golf equipment as stores often run with discounts and coupons. The problem is finding them as they are usually just limited both in numbers and for time.

Through this website I often get notified about some great deals that I can share with you right here if I think they are worth it.

The RUKK Net Pop-Up

The RUKK Net Pop-Up is the most popular golf net on the market today and is often out of stock due to inceasing demand. Right now you can still get in as there are only three left in stock (written 6. May) but they are offering a lower price and FREE SHIPPING.

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The Net Return Golf Net – Posted 4. May 2014

The Net Return just opened a new store and are offering a $ 100 discount + if you use the COUPON “target04″ you can add a free 2×3 target worth $ 24.99 to your order!

Click here to read the net return review or here to go to the shop


Pro Advanced Pro Return Golf Net – Posted 1. May 2014

Currently only 5 left in stock but they are running a $ 20 + FREE Shipping discount. Click here to read the review.