When it comes to choosing the right golf net you have various things to take into account. Do you want the net to be portable? Does it need to return the ball? Here we have reviewed the best golf nets on the market and sorted them from high to low. Each review takes a look at the most important features of any golf net: Material strength, ball retrieval, easy of setup, size and price.

Is this table you can find some quick facts about each net but you can scroll down to find the reviews.


The Net Return Golf Net: Professional Top Quality

The Net Return - Garden 2The Net Return Golf Net (7′ 6″ tall, 8′ wide and 3′ 6″ deep) is a professional golf net for those that take training seriously and want be able to practice the game at home using top quality product to do so.

The net is very innovative in design as its main feature – and as the name indicates – is that once a golf ball has been struck into the net the ball is returned back to the same place it was struck from.

This is a great feature that really helps the golfer build up muscle memory as it allows you to strike the ball with a few seconds’ intervals from the same position using the same swing technique. It also comes with a full one year seller warranty which goes to show the quality at display.

1. Material Strength

The net is made from “tubular aluminum, nylon pack cloth sleeve, heavyweight polyester” which we might have to translate for normal people to high quality for professional use golf net. The fact that they offer a whole year warranty is an indication for the quality of the net. Most producers of golf nets do not offer that kind of warranty as golf nets have the tendency to break up fairly quickly if the material is not of strong high quality. From our own experience the material strength of the net return is really high.

2. Ball Retrieval

This is of course the number one feature of the golf net and is what makes it stand out among all golfer nets out there. To be able to strike the ball into the net seeing it hit the net and then bounce right back into the same place it was struck from is amazing. You should however keep in mind the “return” feature is dependent on the golfer actually hitting the ball the correct way. If you don´t manage to hit the net properly you can’t expect the ball to return. This also means that you will be able to practice with just one golf ball!

3. Easy of Setup

When it comes to setup the poles have been color coded in a way that makes it easy to know what goes where. It takes 4-8 minutes to set it up or pack down. This is a great feature that allows you to move it around the house or even take it with you when leaving town for your summerhouse or the training ground.

4. Size and Portability

The Net Return - BagThe net is 7′ 6″ tall, 8′ wide and 3′ 6″ deep and weighs 28 lbs making it ideal for both inside and outside use. Combined with the easy of setup and the duffle bag that comes with the net the net return can be moved around from one location to another without much problem.

Final verdict

The net Return Golf net is an amazing golf net for those that are looking for quality golf net for professional use. The main benefit is it’s easy of setup, strong material, and the fact that it returns the ball back to the place where the ball was struck from. As with all golf nets we recommend that you add a golf mat to your net in order to get the most from your training. If you indent to use it inside a golf mat is essential as hitting a golf ball from parked or tiles.


ProAdvanced Pro Return

ProAdvanced Pro Return Golf NetThe ProAdvanced Pro return Golf Net is a flexible golf net that has some great features and a fantastic price. Very easy to setup as it just pops up within seconds and folds up instantly for easy storage in a small bag, which you can than store in a closet.

Although the producer felt the easy setup was important the premium feature is the unique shape and the ball returning system which catches your each shot before rolling back to you.

The frame is of steel that pops up and get opened and then breaks down within 30 seconds (see video below). The product is made of solid construction and netting material is good quality including stabilizing cords for windy seasons. The size is perfect and can be carried out anywhere.

This might be the cheapest “ball return system” net on the market today but if you are interested in this feature you might want to check out either the RUKK pop-up golf net or the net return golf net.

1.       Material Strength

The netting material is high quality polyester with unbreakable spring steel frame which makes it long lasting. It also enables you to hit full shots using all your clubs including hybrids and drivers. It comes with straps holding the net to the frame.

The netting material is designed to be sturdy and doesn’t rip out with casual use. You must not leave the net out in the sun during summer season as ultraviolet rays may weaken the strength of the net.

2.       Ball Retrieval

The retrieval of ball is quite impressing you get almost 98% of your ball bouncing back on to your hitting mat. On the other hand, if you have your net set up on the grass in the yard, the balls will get stuck since this net is ideal for the flat and hard surfaces. Moreover, you can also carry a bucket with you and retrieve all your balls with ease when session ends.

3.       Easy of Setup

Pro-advanced net has super-fast setup and fold up. Generally, you can setup out of the box in less than 1 minute. Thus you can put it up and get into compact storage bag whenever you want as it only takes few seconds. However, the diameter of the bag is little smaller than that of the standard one.

4.       Size and Portability

The product comes in a size of 9 ft x 6 ft with dimension of 36 x 30 x 3 inches and 10 pounds of the weight. The easy pop up design is what every customer enjoys in golf nets and this particular net is especially popular among other nets of the same category. It is portable, easy to setup, triangular in shape and perfect in size for carrying anywhere. This is probably the best golf net at its size.

Final Verdict

There are numbers of favorable factors which make this net worth buying. It is solidly well built, portable and easy to set up, captures of all your balls and return them back to you. The net almost offers you the quality every golfer look for



RUKK NET Pop-Up Practice Net

The RUKK Pop Up Golf Practice Net - 4

Rukk net is simple and sturdy in construction, easy to setup, easy to take down. It is light weight, durable, decent in size, flexible and sets up in about 20 seconds.

You could use it for different sports activities anywhere, be it practice for golf, baseball, softball or soccer. So it is very flexible which is a big plus.

It can be used at various locations inside or outside, in garage, backyard of house or practicing field. Rukk net features two net barrier options along with easily replaceable inside net. You get a safety outside net in-case inside net rips out and has good quality heavy material used which is double stitched.

It can be compared to the popular Net Return Golf Net as it will return the ball back to where it was hit from and it represent high quality material and built. It is however smaller while it much cheaper.

For the quality alone we are talking about one of the best golf nets on the market and if you consider the low price when compared to other professional golf nets it really is a fantastic deal, especially with the limited 18% at the moment.

But if you are looking for a cheaper golf net the Tri Ball net is a great option for under $ 100 while the ProAdvanced net return golf net is the cheapest net return net on the market.

1.       Material Strength

The RUKK Pop Up Golf Practice Net - 2The material it uses is a synthetic product which is of high quality and lasts longer without failing the net. If you look at the picture on the right, you can see that the net has a double netting – one in front and one at the back so if one net rips out the second net helps preventing the ball from fly and doing some damage.

The product is very well constructed and designed with high netting quality capable of sustaining high stresses while hitting balls.

2.       Ball Retrieval

You can get the ball back to the front of your hitting mat after each shot with the popular “ball return” feature. It works very well and returns most of the balls back to you – if you hit the net that is.

Since the balls return to you on their own you don’t need to take bucket to collect the balls after each session.

3.       Easy of Setup

The RUKK Pop Up Golf Practice Net - 5It instantly pops up and you can go on practicing golf right away. Rukk net sets up and breaks down on its own.

You can store it away with ease in a carrying bag and unfold within seconds as its light weight feature enables you to move it anywhere you like.

4.       Size and Portability

The size is generous and measures in dimension of 60 x 120 x 84 inches and 14 pounds in weight.

The product is portable and take the position as you choose. It has a thick shoulder strip and fold flat into a diameter of 34 inches.

Final Verdict

The RUKK Pop Up Net is a fantastic option for those that want high quality golf net with few flaws. It is portable, has good material strength and returns the ball back once you hit the net. At this price, this net is one of the best products on the market today.


Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

Callaway Tri Ball Hitting Net - AB -outsideThe Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net is an affordable, easy to use, portable golf hitting net that comes at a great price. For that reason the Tri-Ball is among the most popular hitting nets on the market today.

The net can stand on its own which means you can use it around your home; in your living room, garden, or garage. It is also lightweight and has strong netting material and comes with a hanging target in the middle than you can use for aim.

You can choose to leave the hanging target out if you choose to as many golfers choose to.


1. Material Strength

The material used is top quality nylon and polyester that makes it both last long and allows you to use all golfing clubs from wedge to driver without damaging the net.

The net is also designed in a way to make the net last longer. It has triangular shape which makes the balls fall softly to the ground once they hit the net. This means that there is less strain on the net and is less likely for the ball to go through the net.

Keep in mind that if you intend to use all your golf clubs the bigger net might be more suitable that the smaller types.

2. Ball Retrieval

You can get your balls back from the net without much problems. Make sure to have balls to spare when you practice so you don’t have to go and get the ball from the net after each shot.

If you use up around 30 balls during a round of practice the balls will gather in the net and in front of it for easy retrieval.

3. Easy of Setup

The net is very easy to setup and you should be able to read the instructions and set the net up in no more than 8 minutes.

It is also easy to take down and you should be able to get it into the nylon carrying bag that is included with the net in about 5 minutes.

4. Size and Portability

Callaway Tri Ball Hitting Net - BagThe Tri-Ball Hitting Net comes in three sizes:

[unordered_list style=”tick”]
  • 6×7
  • 7×8,
  • 9×10

feet’s which allows you to choose the perfect fit for where you intent to use it. As has been mentioned it is very portable as it is freestanding and light. You can move it around as you choose.

While it is portable and easy to setup it is also very sturdy and because of its unique design it can take the impact from a driver very well.

Final Verdict

There are not many downsides to this net. It ticks all the right boxes for a top quality net at a price that is very affordable.


Introducing The Quick SKLZ Quickster

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net - outsideSKLZ Quickster Golf Net is a sturdy, affordable, and durable for high intensity practice. It takes 90 seconds to get assembled and taking it down is also fast and easy. The weight of the net is light and is easy to carry and store in a nylon bag that won’t take up extra storage space.

The frame it uses is of good quality withstanding tension using fiberglass & composite steel and comes with ground stakes. The target is removable and you can set it as you choose which helps you improve your ball striking.

The quality of frame is well built that you can use it with or without anchors. However, anchors are recommended if you are putting it up on the field where it is breezing heavily. The Quick SKLZ Quickster is recommended as a quality product that is easy to use. Compared to the cheaper SKILZ 7′ Practice Net the Quickster is both stronger and faster, although $ 70 more expensive. Compared to the Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net at a similar price the SKILZ has similar built and both are easy to use but the Quickster does get assembled much faster.

1.       Material Strength

The material used is very good and designed in a way that makes the net last longer. It features composite steel and fiber glass tension-tite frame with high strength corner joints. This make you avail the option of using golf clubs from wedge to driver without getting any signs of wear.

The net comes in square shape making the ball fall on the ground slowly. Be sure to be in a way that wind is behind you since the net has tendency to blow it towards you and restraining the ability to catch the ball properly.

2.       Ball Retrieval

It catches the balls very well and you get the balls from the net with little effort sometimes but you don’t have to run too far for the balls since the net gives enough of the balls rolling back to you without springing. You don’t also have to run around searching for the balls. Moreover, you can a have bucket while practicing so that retrieval of balls could be easier once the session is over.

3.       Easy of Setup

The net is relatively super easy to put together and takes no more than 2 minutes to disassemble and reassemble. Before you set up the net it would be good to read the manual for proper setup. As it comes with a carrying bag which makes it even more compact in size after folding without taking much space.

4.       Size and Portability

Quickster golf hitting net comes in two sizes;

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  • 6 ft x 6 ft
  • 8 ft x 8 ft

It depends on your usability factor where you intend to use it for and is ultra-portable, light weight, intelligently designed and can be moved as per your requirement.

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net

Final verdict

The net doesn’t have any issues and gives you almost what you expect from a good quality net. People should buy this net if they are willing to improve the ball striking skills using real golf balls without getting the balls through the net and it won’t disappoint you unlike others cheaply built nets.


SKLZ 7′ Practice Net

SKLZ 7' Practice NetThe SKILZ 7′ Multi-Sport Practice Net is lightweight, easy to set up with simple structure. For kids this net could be an ideal choice for practicing baseball but it can also be used by soccer, lacrosse and football trainers. The price is affordable and it features portability which is why it is frequently used and very popular among golfers.

The support poles it has are designed in a way to be held together by an elastic strap and inserting them one after another will let you form a large pole.

If you just occasionally hit golf balls or want your kid to have it to hit soccer balls or baseballs into it then it would be a good choice for you. The net catches hard hit balls easily and looks good.

However, if you are looking for a good quality netting product that can withstand high pressures while hitting into the net with drivers and hybrids then it might not be as good as you could expect it to be. The RUKK Net Pop-Up might be a good alternative for you if you are looking for quality but it will cost you a bit more but if you are looking for a golf net in the price range within $ 100 then the Callaway Tri-Ball Net Is another great option.

1.       Material Strength

It has nylon material used for the net while poles are not of much good quality and are plastic or composite tent poles. Be careful while setting it up, the rope across the front which holds the entire net may ripped out while placing the poles inside and also don’t hit with higher velocity the poles may get splintered making it unusable.

The net material looks a little thin and it feels like it may get snapped of if not properly set up and taken down. Nevertheless, it can withstand heavy rains or wind and is a perfect choice for baseball soft toss. If you set up it on the backyard of your home you will feel it like you have mini driving range in your backyard.

2.       Ball Retrieval

It catches around 50% of your balls in the manner it is built to do during a golf session. The net catches the balls hard and then takes down to the ground but some of the balls you will find stuck way back into the net and you will have to go to take them. Therefore, it would be good practice if you carry a bucket containing numbers of balls available in them to complete the session so that you can retrieve the balls with ease later.

3.       Easy of Setup

You need support of one person to assemble, takes 15 minutes to set up and is easier to move around. Read the instructions carefully before setting up. The size is generous and comes with nice compact, nylon carrying bag and you can fold it into the bag that doesn’t take much of space.

4.       Size and Portability

The multi-sport net has a dimension of 25 x 6 x 4 inches and weighs less than 10 pound. Since the net is portable you can move around anywhere and have to be little careful so that its poles don’t get snapped. The structure might seem flimsy but if you use it with good care then it would hold up fine.

Final Verdict

The net is incredibly versatile, catches hard hit balls easily, looks good and comes in a carrying bag. It has many downsides yet it gives you some advantageous factors which are no doubt reasonable with low price.


Trademark Innovations Practice and Driving Net

Trademark Innovations Golf Practice and Driving NetTrademark Innovations Golf Practice and Driving Net is a good choice for your backyard and could be used during travel because of its light weight.

It is very easy to use and is compact in size when packed. It requires less effort to put it up and is more similar to putting up a tent and you don’t really need anyone else to make effort to put the Innovation golf net up.

However, it has a major drawback that whenever you miss the targeted area while hitting (see the image where it has a large black hitting area with nylon material in the corners), the net rips out from where the two fabrics are sewn.

Nevertheless, for those that want to improve their game and will use smaller irons (8-P) can use it effectively. This could be preferable choice for kids since they don’t blast the balls at the speed of an adult.

You should though keep in mind that this in no way a golf hitting net that will last as can be indicated with the cheap price.

1.      Material Strength

It is made up of nylon material with very thin walled. In case if you just miss the targeted area the balls will go directly through the net. Therefore, your first few hits might end up putting holes in the net outside the hitting area.

The instruction manual isn’t the greatest by any means but it’s not that difficult to make things work properly.

Note that the front portion collapses when it gets really wet but it gets into normal position on its own after drying out.

2.      Ball Retrieval

If balls hit with normal force the net has strength to hold your golf balls quite easily. But you may see hole in the net if you just miss the target area with high speed which results in the golf ball flying away, causing both danger to people and its environment.

Otherwise ball retrieval is easy as the golf balls gather on the ground inside the net.

For an ease make sure to have some balls in spare so that you will not have to go again and again to get the ball from the net for each shot.

3.      Easy of Setup

The instruction to setup says you will have to put one pole in and then the other-one but you may put both poles on one side in, one on the other side and then finally the last. It takes around 15 minutes to setup.

The construction is easier if you have experience of assembling a tent in the sticks. It can be taken down easily and you can pack it in a carrying bag with in just 5 minutes.

4.      Size and Portability

Its dimension is 27.5 x 7.2 x 7 inches, poles are 9.5mm fiber glass and it weighs around 9.2 pounds. The size is very compact and gives you an option to set up it in garage as well.

With such a light weight you can hold it easily and move from one location to the other without much of a hassle.

Final Verdict

The Trademark Innovations Golf Practice and Driving Net has some obvious drawbacks that are hard to ignore but the fact is that for under $ 50 you are getting what you pay for.

Yet it has a few favorable factors to be considered for those who just want to enhance their golf skills and are beginners and looking to buy some affordable golf net.

Standard Golf Practice Net 7′ x 9′

Standard Golf Practice NetIf you are looking at the lower end of the price range for golf nets but still want something you can actually use as a practice net the Standard Golf Practice Net does a fairly good job for the price. It is 7′ x 9′ and costs only $25.99.

As you might assume for the price it has some flaws but if you look past them and see the net for what it is, cheap low end golf net meant for practice with your shorted clubs a few times a week, you might find it good value.

1. Material Strength

The material is not very strong if you intent to use it with all your clubs everyday. Using a driver will very soon make holes in the net.

We therefore recommend that you use your smaller clubs with this net. If you intend to use it everyday for any period of time we recommend that you look at other options; unless you want to buy a new net after a few weeks or months.

2. Ball Retrieval

Ball retrieval is actually very good on this net. As can be seen on the picture above, the balls gather right below the net in a „easy to retrieve“ way.

3. Easy of Setup

The net is not very easy to setup and needs two persons for effective setup.

4. Size and Portability

The result from it being a two-person job of setting up makes it less portable. Once taken down it is not very large and you can take it with you to your summerhouse, training ground, or wherever you wish as long as you account for the two-person setup that is required.

The size of the net is 7′ x 9′ which would in most cases make a quite standard and convenient size. The design of the net is however flawed in a way that makes the size less effective.

When fastening the net to the poles it is done in a way that creates holes between the poles and the net allowing balls to escape through the net along the poles. This does also apply for the bottom of the net if you don’t fasten it completely.

Beginners often mishit their shots making this a big flaw that you should be aware of.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a golf practice net to use a few times a week to practice your golf swing without using the larger clubs – especially the driver – we recommend the net for the price alone.

You should however be aware of the flaws that come with such a cheap net.

3 in 1 Practice Net

3-in-1-practice-netThe 3 in 1 golf practice net (11 x 7 x 5.5 feet) is a good option for those that want an affordable golf net under $ 100 that allows them to practice at home a few times a week. This is by no means a professional net as the price would reflect and the overall quality of the material used and portability is somewhat lacking.

If you are however happy with paying $ 88 for a limited golf net that you can use with all of your clubs then this is a good option.

As the name indicates the package includes three practice parts: a hitting net, a chipping net, and a golf mat. This means that you don´t have to buy a golf mat separately to be able to use the net to its maximum value.

1. Material Strength

The poles are made from fiberglass and are reasonably strong while the net is mostly made from polyester. That means it is not as strong as the more expensive nets on the market and those nets are not suitable for balls coming in at high speed, i.e. drivers.

Using the net sparingly and not to use the driver with full power is therefore necessary if you wish to keep the net for any length of time without making holes to the net.

Another option would be to go for rubber practice balls which work as real balls while hitting from a short distance (as you are only looking at the swing and impact using golf nets, not the ball flight for obvious reasons).

2. Ball Retrieval

The net is wide and large making it easy to gather the balls after each round. Make sure you have enough balls to practice with so you don´t have to go and get the ball after each shot.

3. Easy of Setup

This is not a particular strong point for the net as you might need two persons to set the net up, some people manage on their own but most will need the extra hand.

4. Size and Portability

The net is not very portable as it is both large and needs two persons to setup. It is therefore not suitable for moving around. Once you set it up, moving it or taking it to the summerhouse, training ground or inside is somewhat of a problem.

Final Verdict

The 3 in 1 practice net is a cheap golf net that includes a net, a chipping net, and a golf mat. It is NOT intended for professional use as the net material is not really that strong. It is not really portable either and you will need two persons to set the net up.

The net is intended for those that want to practice a few times a week with their wedge or irons without spending over $ 100 doing so.